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Allison is a one-of-a-kind professional who truly understands the challenges business owners face when it comes to growth and profitability. I was very impressed with Allison’s approach to coaching and really valued her skill of quickly honing in on what my business needed. She offered practical and smart solutions that pushed me beyond the status quo. Allison is also a lot of fun to work with. She is enthusiastic, personable and authentic. I also admire her various leadership positions within our community. It speaks highly of her commitment to go above and beyond. ~ Holley Creative

— Terri Holley, CEO, Holley Creative





“Working with Allison over the past year has made a dramatic difference in how I regard my business. Because of the changes that I have implemented, I have seen a 38% growth in the bottom line this year.” The Decorating Therapist

—Carol Weil, The Decorating Therapist 




“Allison has been an active member of the BWCC since 2007. During her time here she created what is now one of our most popular and powerful groups, the Business Vision Board. Her vision was to give members the opportunity to connect with other members on a deeper level than traditional networking. I regularly get praises on how effective this group is with selecting topics relevant to the group and also opening the conversation to individuals for the challenges they are facing in their businesses. She is true asset to the BWCC and is a person who is able to connect with everyone she meets on a deeper level. She’s a person who cares about your personal and professional goals.” – Baltimore Washington Corridor Chamber

— Katie Burzlaff, Membership Director, Baltimore Washington Corridor Chamber





“Allison is highly motivational and inspires her clients to dream big and put all their passion into reaching their business and life goals. She made a point of becoming familiar with the translation industry so that she could, and did, effectively guide my efforts to expand my foreign language consulting business. Allison is very flexible, and she adapted her approach as necessary to find what worked for me. She also skillfully showed me how to incorporate social media into my business owner’s toolbox for researching and targeting my market niche . I highly recommend her as a career coach, motivational speaker, and all-around great person.”

—Eileen Bernstein




“Working with Allison Herstein Moran as a business coach has been life-changing. Starting a business is a challenging and risky endeavor.   It helps to know that you have the wisdom and expertise of a proven business leader to help guide you. Allison is a sounding board, mentor and coach. She provides creative, practical solutions and accountability that every business owner needs.” Firefly Marketing
—Shara Darden, CEO, Firefly Marketing

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