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Success in a Mastermind

Success in a Mastermind

The key to improving your business and life is a desire to improve your business and/or life.  Without the burning desire and a vision of how you want things to look in the future, you are unlikely to make the necessary changes in how you are doing things today.

If you have this burning desire for something, you will likely think about what you are doing today that is not working and then look for ways to change your actions that will have a direct impact on your results.  The mastermind can provide a great forum for assessing the actions you are taking that are not working, an assessment of what you are looking at changing and having the accountability to make the changes.

An example of a business owner who changed behavior after describing his challenge was a client who could not stop being the only person his clients contacted for all of their issues.  Not only did they call him on his cell phone at time, they always expected immediate attention when they called.  In fact, they often got angry or frustrated with him if they couldn’t get him on the phone or he was not available at that moment to work on their issue.

In his quarterly coaching session, which is a group session (a mastermind), he presented his challenge.  Many group members provided insight into the problem and possible solutions.  Some of the solutions included not carrying his cell phone, not giving out his cell phone number, not answering his phone at all, developing systems where anyone should be able to solve the majority of issues and having all calls go through an answering service.

He started getting his employee more involved with his clients and having him be seen as a resource.  He also started having his employee document processes that were used to resolve client issues.  And, finally, he was able to forward his client issues to his employee or partner, so that he was not the only source for problem solving.

Within six months of describing this problem, the client was able to take his first ever (since owning his business) week and a half vacation with only one call into his office.  And, all of his clients were happy with him when he returned from vacation.

Often, when you are in the problem you cannot see your way out of it.  Having the power of the mastermind can help generate new ideas, work through old ideas and provide the accountability for making the change.  It is up to you to make the changes, but it is always nice to have a supportive environment while you are doing tough things.

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