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Get More Things Done

Get More Things Done

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Schedule Your Tasks to Get More Things Done

Do you create a list of tasks regularly, only to put off getting them done?  Whether you have a tool or app or you simply use paper and pen to keep track of your tasks, you are more likely to get tasks done just because you wrote them down. But, how often do you find that there is always something more pressing that you need to take care of and your task list grows and moves from today’s list to tomorrow’s list?

Want to start getting more things crossed off your list? Schedule time to do the tasks. If you have 10 tasks on your list for today, you will likely find that 2 or 3 of them are more important than the rest. Take time to schedule those 2 or 3 for the early part of your day, if not first thing. Generally, what keeps us from completing tasks is not how long it takes to do them but rather our perception of how long and how difficult it will be to do.  By creating space in your schedule to complete tasks, you both identify how much time you will need and set a specific time to do the work.

When you get important tasks out-of-the-way early in the day, you will likely find that the day is more productive and you feel more in control of your time. Do this daily and you will start to see a real difference in your results and your ability to manage your time.

What do you do to get more of your “to do” list completed every day?

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