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5 Easy ways to improve Time Management

5 Easy ways to improve Time Management

August can be a particularly challenging time for working moms and business owner moms.  They are winding down the summer with the kids, lots of people are on vacation so for those who are working the workload may increase and getting ready to send the kids back to school.  Many women find themselves trying to figure out “how can I do it all?”  Time management is a challenge for most people and if you are listening you will hear people complaining about not having enough time to “do it all,” but for women in particular, the juggling act can be stressful.  The following paragraphs will give you 5 ways to manage your time more effectively and efficiently.

While you may not be able to control your obligations and responsibilities, you can control how you manage your time.  The first step is to know that you are in control of your time.  You decide what you spend your time on and how much of it you spend.  Once you realize that you can control your time it gives you your power back.

One of the best ways to improve time management is to plan your time.  Create a list of tasks/activities that need to get done daily and weekly.  Review the list to determine what is most important and do those tasks first.  When the list looks like it is ALL-important, determine the consequences for not doing each item and it will become clearer what should be done first.  By planning, you will get more things done in less time and you will get the most important things done every day.

This next idea is one that many people struggle with, but it is a no brainer.  When you do not have enough time to do it all, delegate.  Letting other people share the work not only creates more time, It makes the other people feel valued and empowered.

The fourth idea can seem challenging, but can really make a big difference.  If you get up an hour earlier than you are used to, you will see dramatic changes in your effectiveness and efficiency.  That time before everyone else in the house is awake can be magical because the lack of disruptions from other people creates the opportunity to truly focus.  And, part of the focus time could include planning.  When you have time to focus, you can think more clearly and more strategically.

The final idea is to make time for yourself with an activity that relaxes you.  Meditation is a great way to clear your mind and when your mind is clear, everything seems to work better.  Yoga is another way to clear your mind and body.  When your Qi (in Chinese Medicine the life force) is moving, life is easier and time is there when you need it.  There are many ways to relax and the key is to find one that works for you.  Meditation and yoga do not require another person and can be done from home in a half hour or less.  Even if you only try one of these tips, you will start to see some changes in your time management.

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