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4 Actions to Improve Your Sales

4 Actions to Improve Your Sales

Sales Growth Strategies that Work

Use the slow time in your business to develop your sales growth strategies.  August can be a tough month in business; the last 2 weeks being the most challenging.  It is the time right before school starts, people are taking their last vacation for the summer and there is usually a real shortage of networking opportunities.

Stopwatch Sales Plan

When you decide that you can benefit from this quiet period, you can turn it into a very productive time.  Working with clients over the past several years, I encourage them to plan for this time (or whatever their slow period is), by using it to make a strategic plan for the next 12 months or put together some marketing that will hit bright and shiny in September or document some processes, etc.  But, this time can also be used to develop some sales strategies and habits.

Here are 4 Quick Hit activities that directly impact sales and can have immediate results:

1.  Review your existing and past clients to identify who you haven’t connected with recently and  reach out to them.  Create the list and identify 2 or 3 people that you will call or email each day, just to say, “Hi.”

For some of us the thought of reaching out unsolicited creates all kinds of stress and turmoil.  What if they don’t want to talk to us or think we want something – you get the point.  If you let that fear go or simply put it aside, you may find that the person is really glad you called.  Have you ever thought about calling someone and they called you first or called someone and they said, “I was just thinking about calling…”  Chances are good that there are plenty of people you want to reach out to and just hadn’t found the time to make it happen.

2.  Write notes to people – clients, vendors, anyone that comes to mind.  As there is less and less mail in the mailbox these days, it really feels good to get a handwritten note in the mail.  And, it triggers the recipient to think about you.  The idea is not to go into each activity with the idea that it will lead to a sale, but rather the more connecting you do, the more you are top of mind for people.  And, it puts you in a good space when you send someone a note; literally a smile comes to your face after you put it in the envelope and address it.  Try it and let me know what happens for you.

3.  Follow up on any outstanding quotes or proposals.  Or, even ones where people said, “not now, but sometime in the future.”  Calling is best because it gives the opportunity for a more open ended conversation, but email is good, too.  Timing is everything, but follow up is a close second.  Sometimes, if they haven’t made a decision, the fact that you followed up, to see how things are reminds them that you are a true professional.

4.  I decided to add a bonus because this time of year reminds me of some businesses that we have stopped doing business with, after having been loyal customers for several years.  If you have someone who has been a loyal customer and suddenly doesn’t call anymore, there is usually a reason.

If it is because they had a bad experience the last time, you have the chance to make it better.   Maybe, you can’t make it better with that person, but knowing gives you the opportunity to prevent it happening with another customer.  No matter the result of the call, your prior customer will know that you care about your business enough to find out why you lost them as a customer and that you really cared about having them as a customer.

These are all simple things, that can make a big difference for your business growth.  What do you do regularly to connect?  I love to hear new ideas and success stories.

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