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More Efficient Results When You Find a Mentor

More Efficient Results When You Find a Mentor

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Find a Mentor

Find a Mentor

Want the most direct path to success in your business?  Find a mentor or person who seems to have what you are seeking in your life and/or business.

Identifying someone who has achieved a level of success beyond where you are, gives you a model to follow.  If that person is approachable find out what they think it took to get where they are. What were their priorities and what things did let go of in their journey?  You shortcut the path to success by eliminating some mistakes before you make them with a mentor guiding the way.

When you are stuck, having a mentor can help you get unstuck and get out of your own way. Sometimes, just having someone in your life who has a skill you desire can help you improve in an area that you believe needs improvement. For example, someone you know either in your personal or your business life always seems to be prepared for anything that comes their way and they are never ruffled no matter what they encounter. On the other hand, you often feel a step behind and that you are always catching up, which means you think a lot of what ifs?

You have reached a point where you know you want to feel like you are in control and unexpected surprises no longer throw you for a loop. Spend some time observing that person and if he/she is willing, ask them questions about their planning and preparation. Identify, 1, 2, or 3 things you can do to improve your sense of “I got this.” Work on them one at a time until you believe you have mastered it and move on to the next one.

Keep track of your progress and reward yourself when you see noticeable improvement.  Do you or have you had a mentor?  What did you find was most helpful to you having a mentor in your life?

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