1. Dear Allison,
    I hope this note finds you well – my husband and I run an interior design business (I assist with the accounting) called Design by the Jonathans – http://www.thejonathans.com – and are based on Connecticut.
    As we’ve grown over the past year, we’ve found that our accounting has gotten more complicated, and we’re thinking of switching over to QuickBooks Online, incorporating QuickBooks with our Ivy account (we switched from mHelpDesk to Ivy a few months back).
    Could myself and Jonathan Gordon set-up a phone call with you to discuss what a process like this would look like?  We’re curious how much it would cost, what the timeframe would be, and have a few questions regarding what practices we would need to change to verify accounting was done properly moving forward.  We know you have experience moving designers over to QuickBooks, and thought we’d get an understanding of what this process might look like.
    Do you possibly have time tomorrow (Wednesday) to chat?
    Jonathan RohnerJLROHNER@GMAIL.COM

  2. I would love to speak with you about bookkeeping services that integrate with QB. I am in the process of adding more clients to my daily roster and can no longer take on the accounting responsibilities. To be honest, I am the worst at it too. Please contact me to discuss and I hope you work remotely. My company is in LA but I occasionally take on projects in NY and FL.

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